Thursday, December 21, 2006

wanted: famous and soon-to-be-famous people

As you will see from this note from the marketing dept, of which I post an extract below, The Economist is looking for suitably important-sounding people to appear in an upcoming marketing video. If anyone meeting the description below is reading this blog (and also reads The Economist) and would be willing to spend a few minutes talking to camera about why they like the Economist I would be most grateful if they could get in touch with me at

edwardlucas(a tsign)

We are planning to do some video interviews with some of our more prominent readers and need a little help in identifying them.

We have two types of people we are trying to find:

a) top people of the ilk that have appeared on previous films - business leaders, heads of government, noteable entrepreneurs, etc; and

b) people who haven't made it yet but who are likely to do so within the next ten years.




Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing not just what 'prominent' people read this blog (which seems entirely laudible) but also who self-selects themselves as 'prominent' (which seems to me to be less so)...


Tom said...

I haven't made it yet, so can you qauntify "likely"?

Edward Lucas said...

this is now in the hands of the marketing dept

Praguetory said...

I'll soon be famous. Too early to reveal how, though.