Friday, November 09, 2007

Help on book

Dear Blog Readers

This is the first of what will be quite a few messages asking for your
help in promoting "The New Cold War" which will be published in
February in Britain and America, and in a dozen other languages in
Europe later in the year.

The immediate thing I need is details of mailing lists of people
interested in eastern Europe, such as (to take some fictitious
examples) the "Association of Cold War Intelligence Professionals" or
the "International League of Kremlinologists" or the "World
Finno-Ugric Movement". My publishers will probably be offering
specially discounted rates to members of such associations and groups.

So, please, all the thousands of people who read this blog, have a think of any ethnic, academic, political or social group that you belong to which might be prepared to give my book a mention in a mailshot or email listing.

Many thanks


Anonymous said...

Edward - Very happy to promote on my blog - Jonathan

Konrad von Swalwagner said...

In the US, there is the AAASS: American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, the scholarly association for Literatures and Humanities on the area. You can check their information on their website,

Unknown said...

Edward - Have you given a thought to the idea of setting up either a website or a part of this blog to promote your book? Something along the lines of what your colleague Steve Levine has done for his:
Website designers are a dime a dozen today. You can easily get it done for $300. Monthly hosting costs would be around $5-$7. It may be worth it.
Look forward to reading your timely book!

Unknown said...

There are online directories of all sorts of associations. For example this one:

CV said...

Hi Edward,

When is it out?

I will plug it for sure on my blog.

Claus (alpha.sources)

stan said...

Edward, You may want to check out the H-Net list of academic discussion groups, some of which may be relevant to your subject.


Edward Lucas said...

thanks for that. Book is out in feb. the site will be devoted to the book. My publishers are working on it now. Thanks for all the leads


Estonia in World Media (Rus) said...

make a banner, free promotion in my blog guaranteed. For what it worths. Of course, I expect you to host a banner of my coming book "101 Sex Positions".

(just kidding)

Steve said...

Don't forget LSE alumni groups, particularly those in Europe, i.e. Prague, where this comment originates. They are all contactable through the alumni section of the School's website.