Friday, February 15, 2008

Newsweek review

The stellar Andy Nagorski has reviewed NCW here

"a meticulously constructed indictment of Putin's strong-arm tactics at home and his increasingly aggressive tone in dealing with his immediate neighbors and any other countries that try to question his behavior."


Unknown said...


I went to to buy check-out your book but when I looked to reader Customer Comments there was no section for customer comments.

Could you please look into this with Amazon? I can't imagine that you would purposely ask Amazon to remove that section for fear of receiving negative comments?

Bäckman said...

Shouldn't the book be available in Estonia by now? I was just in the biggest store in the country, Rahva Raamat in Viru Keskus, and no sign of it, on either a separate display stand/area or on the shelves.

Colleen said...

I went to the Barnes and Noble by Union Square Park yesterday and casually looked in the following sections for said book:
- new non-fiction section on the first floor
- Russia section on the fourth floor (where the other "new cold war" book is at)
- current events section on the fourth floor

Could not find EL's book, but I skimmed through Day of Reckoning, by Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan's book is more up my alley probably and in the 10 pages or so it has devoted to Russia it comes to an entirely different conclusion than EL.

Sarunas Skyrius said...

There's a review of your book by Director of Institute of International Relations and Political Science in Vilnius, Raimundas Lopata. It's posted on news portal here:

It's in Lithuanian.


CV said...

Hi Edward,

Congrats with the new book. I have finally held true to my promise


Edward Lucas said...

Thanks for the feedback. My faith in capitalism's "invisible hand" has been slightly dented by distribution problems with the book in the US. It is in its third reprint in the UK. It should also be available in English-language bookshops in other countries including Estonia (we shipped a large order there)

It is certainly possible to review it on both and on