Sunday, February 10, 2008

new reviews

I will be talking and signing books at Politics and Prose in Washington DC on Sunday 17th Feb at 5pm.

Here is Marcus Warren's review in the Sunday Telegraph

And here is Tom de Waal's in the Sunday Times

I will be on the BBC Newsnight programme on Tuesday 2230 plugging the book and on BBC Radio 3 Nightwaves on Thursday

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Fred Harrison said...

Good piece. But any idea what he's talking about here:

Far more critical than the headline-grabbing rows taking place at the moment was the decision taken quietly in 2006 to start weaning Britain off dependence on Russian gas, when Moscow briefly shut its pipeline through Ukraine. According to one of my contacts, present at a key meeting in No 10, that single unreliable act “turned British policy 180 degrees – away from Russia”.

Assuming he actually means "preventing" rather than "weaning Britain off" dependence, is it possible he or his sources are claiming the energy diversification policy has Russia as its ulterior motive, not climate change?