Thursday, August 28, 2008

BBC interview

You can hear me attacking a pro-Putin Tory MP on a BBC interview here (about 1 hour 6 minutes through the programme).


Anton said...

He is hardly pro-Putin, just more pragmatic and realistic than you are. It's funny how you immediately label someone pro-Putinist, for having a different opinion.

Professor George Jones said...

David Davies is just a realistic patriot, certainly no Putin fan. You Mr. Lucas are not far short of libelous when you start hurling insults at people like David Davies.

Edward Lucas said...

sorry, pro-Putin is short-hand. No libel intended (and why would it be libellous to be called "pro-Putin"?)

By the way Professor Jones I think I am your former student. Nice to come across you again although I am sorry we disagree on this issue


Alexander said...

I absolutely agree with you Mr. Lucas.

Everything and everyone should be called by their 'real' names. Enough of meaningless games with Russian Imperialists and their ardent supporters. I pray to God that Europe opens its eyes and acknowledges the truth.