Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New edition--out on October 1st


Unknown said...

As I am reading the American edition of "The New Cold War," I have to make sure that I put it front cover down, as that photo of Putin truly disturbs me. By putting it on the cover, the editors underestimated the sensitivities some of us from the Baltics have about Russia, KGB, FSB, etc.

Edward Lucas said...

Hi Danguole

Sorry if you find the dust-jacket disturbing. You can always remove it, or turn it inside out

Angus Deaton said...

Dear Mr Lucas,
You've probably been asked - but has anyone suggested that the book may be published in Russia/Russian?
I read the English edition, which you signed after a talk, and it was excellent.

Edward Lucas said...

Hi Alex

I have sold the Russian rights to Bloomsbury, my UK publisher, but they have had no success in finding a Russian-language publisher. We did try at a book fair in Russia, and one of the country's top non-fiction publishers picked it up and said "chto-ta anti-sovyetskaya kniga!"

Paul from Nothern Virginia said...

Sir: Like Mr. Warren from the Guardian, I found your book "chillingly persuasive." Then came Georgia, which struck me as equally chilling and persuasive as well as corroborative. Your FT piece yesterday was a bit of helpful analysis and prescription. Will the new paper edition be released in the States?