Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost in cyberspace

As I gradually get back into the swing of things after the distractions of the past year, I notice how the cyberscape has changed. Where is the Tiraspol Times? That website is no longer active. I hope somebody has saved some screenshots of their groundbreaking journalism. Luckily Transdniestria news is still available at though the site appears to be running on an automated basis (the last "views" entry was posted in May 2007).   Another "separatist" site, visitpnr, is still running but similarly free of new content. The semi-official is still running, and claims support from the mythical ICDSS (subject of an Economist investigation a couple of years back). But of the ICDISS itself--no sign. 

Back in the real world, the British Helsinki Human Rights Group (which at least has some real people associated with it) has relaunched its website. But the material is so old it is growing whiskers (unless I am missing something).  The menu of recent offerings highlights material from the US mid-term elections  in 2002.  Maybe some fresher fare is lurking behind the subscribers' wall.

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Anonymous said...

LOL on the new BHHRG website. One of the tags is "Analyzing". Google ads featuring Hugh Downs' artery clearing methods. The Georgian flag is pre-2003 (they may not like Saako, but they look silly). Click Ukraine and an error has occurred!

On a more important note, the PMR official Tourism website is up an running.

"Visitors say: 'Compared to Moldova, this is like the Riveria.'"

"16 types of hamburger toppings."

"Kids are playing computer games."

You really can't make this stuff up.