Tuesday, March 09, 2010

what's happened to axisglobe?

For several years I have been reading with enjoyment and some puzzlement a site called www.axisglobe.com/ It is a rum mixture of assiduously collected press cuttings and spin, mainly to do with the activities of security and intelligence services in the ex-communist world. The authors are all pseudonymous (at least as far as I have been able to determine).

Michel Elbaz – general coordinator. Specialization – regional security in Eurasia, in particular in what concerns regional activity of local and international terrorist organizations.
Allister Maunk – administrator and editor of the Eurasian secret services daily reviews. Specialization – Eurasian states' relations with the states of South Asian region.
Can Karpat – Turkish and Balkan section coordinator. Specialization – interior and foreign policy in the states of Balkan region.
Simon Araloff – European section coordinator. Specialization – East European states' regional policy, and the East European policy of the West European states (particularly, Germany) and Russia.
Anders Asmus – European section writer. Specialization – regional and international politics of Baltic States.
Pavel Simonov – Russian section coordinator. Specialization – Russia's foreign policy and secret services.
Ulugbek Djuraev – Central-Asian section coordinator. Specialization – geopolitics of Central-Asian region.
Asim Oku – Turkish section writer. Specialization – Turkey's policy towards Eurasian states; the Southern Caucasus' regional policy.
Sami Rosen – Israeli section coordinator. Specialization – Eurasia – Middle East relations (with emphasis on Israel).
Alexander Petrov – webmaster.

I had the strong feeling that the site was part of some "information warfare" effort but I could not quite see from which quarter. 

But since late December, nothing new has been added (as far as I can see) to the axisglobe site. The Russian version of the site has completely expired. I have tried a whois search and found only that the axisglobe registration runs out shortly. 

Does anyone have any idea who is (or was) behind it, and why it has suddenly stopped? Those wanting to be discreet can email me at edwardlucas(at)economist.com or skype me at edwardlucas

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srifi said...

Funny. I was wondering this same thing on Monday.

I first assumed it was something sponsored by a Baltic state, either Estonia or Lithuania.

To see a less varnished version of their shtick, see their blog at http://axisglobe.blogspot.com/ which included posts such as the "russian link with al-qaida"

On the other hand, they also sported articles with titles like: "CIA and MI-6 Have the Best Agent Network in Chechnya"

Any other leads?